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The Manifesto

On veut dépendre.

Yes, we want to depend. From a different idea of life.
Which feeds on beauty, joy, warmth, imagination and passion. From our taste and our choices.
From all of our choices.

Because true independence perhaps consists in this: in depending on what we really want, on what makes us feel immediately good, at ease, on what makes us feel what we are and allows us to be. We want to depend on our dreams and on all those affections, those places, those objects we have chosen because they make them possible.

It all depends on us.

O U R  H I S T O R Y

Dépendance is our name.

It is a strong and courageous name. It is a name that has a history. A name born through the relationship between two inseparable sisters, Roberta and Alessandra. They cannot live without each other and they cannot live without their wardrobes, of which they shared every choice since childhood. When life takes them to new homes with new wardrobes, they meet as soon as they can in their favorite stores. When they don't meet, it is the mobile that recreates that intimate and special dimension through messages, vocals, videos and photos of garments and accessories they fall in love with. It is in these moments that the idea of creating a new brand is born. A brand that they feel is theirs and in which they can meet, with their dreams and their passion for tailoring cuts, non-trivial details, the skillful manufacture of fabrics.

A place of desires that, wherever they are, represents a natural and always accessible extension of their wardrobe.

Their Dépendance.


It depends on an idea of taste and style.

Every Dépendance choice is feminine. Every choice is a choice. It is never accidental. It is casual and chic and is never conventional. It stems from an idea of simple, spontaneous and natural elegance, the result of a long selection process and of the attraction for niche brands that interpret contemporary life with intelligence, nonchalance and a taste that is never predictable and always up-to-date. Dépendance is the place where you can find clothes, shoes and accessories that are hard to see elsewhere. It is where Roberta and Alessandra wear what they would always like to have in their wardrobe.


Dépendance is the brand.

It is a boutique that researches and defines its style through choices of character.

It is a taste and a culture that are nourished by study, knowledge of materials, travels in Italy and around the world, anticipation of new scenarios and a passionate exchange with the best craftsmen of our country. It therefore inevitably has a creative vocation for the production of its own collections. He designs, creates and signs garments, shoes and accessories that represent the synthesis and the most authentic expression of this research path. Dèpendance is addiction, even from making fashion, one's own fashion.