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The Manifest

On veut dépendre.

Yes, we want to depend on something: on a different life vision.
A vision that thrives on joy, warmth, creativity and passion; on our personal taste and choices.
All our choices.

Because we believe that indipendence is achieved the minute we accept to depend on what we truly desire, what makes us feel happy and allows us to be 100% ourselves. We choose to depend on our dreams and on the relationships, places, and objects we love the most.

It all depends on us.

Dépendance is our name.

It’s a strong and bold name, imbued with a deep meaning. It’s the story of the relationship between two inseparable sisters, Roberta and Alessandra. They’re linked by an unbreakable bond and they share a passion for clothes on which they exchange opinions since they they were little. They meet constantly in their favorite stores to enrich their wardrobes and, when they can’t meet in person, the phone allows them to re-create their special and intimate dimension. The idea of the brand springs from this bond and this common passion. A brand that reflects their personalities, stenghtens their connection and allows them to actively express their love for tailored cuts, unique details and refined fabrics.

A dream land in which they can express themselves.

Their Dépendance.

A matter of style and taste.

Every Dépendance choice is a feminine choice. It’s both casual and chic and, most of ull, uncoventional. It’s inspired by a simple idea of elegance; the genuine, naural result of a careful selection and research of uniqueness, to which they add a touch of contemporary cleverness, nonchalance and a surprising and timeless style. Dépendance is the place where you can find clothes, shoes and accessories that you struggle to find elsewhere. It’s where Roberta and Alessandra create what they have always wanted to own and wear.

Dépendance is a brand.

It’s a boutique that researches and defines its style through personality choices.

Taste and culture blend with study, knowledge of materials , travels in Italy and across the globe, innovation and collaboration with the finest local artisans. All our designs spring from our creative vocation. Our research process is clearly reflected in all our products. Dèpendance is our dependence to our vision of fashion.